Don't Worry Cook Curry

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Organic, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian
In this class I will be making a Thai influenced curry and going over some of the basic ideas and concepts of making curry. My intention is to set you up with the knowledge and techniques to be creative when making your own curry at home. The recipe I make will be vegetarian and I am happy to share ideas of how to incorporate meats and seafood if the students would like. Below are some topics I will be covering in the class. - What makes a curry (basic components of a curry: curry paste, coconut milk, vegetables, protein, fresh herbs and garnishes. - Working with the ingredients you have - Techniques and timing - Tapping into your own creativity and staying connected and grounded in the kitchen - How to balance the flavors - Plating I am looking forward to sharing with every one!!! Chef, Evan Rilling

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Thai influenced curry
This class is designed for students to watch, ask questions, and learn. I encourage students to create a curry of their own the following week and re watch the video to help apply any techniques they learn. I will be sharing a few currie recipes that I really like after the class and I encourage every one to be creative and have fun with there own unique creations. If any one has question post class I have a Facebook group called Healthy Home Chef Where students can post pictures of their creation and ask questions!!!