Farmhand at Frances

In-PersonCastro, San Francisco


Available for purchase
Small (4-10 Guests)
Local, Organic
Farmhand is having a pop-up at Frances! With the weather being up near (or past) the triple digits lately, all of the summer produce is rushing into ripeness. Our potatoes will soon be harvested, cucumbers are starting to grow, summer squash is exploding, and the green tomatoes get larger by the hour. It's fun to watch the garden explode with the colors of flowers and produce and the sounds of bees collecting their pollen. We know that's not an experience that most people in the city are fortunate enough to have, so we're bringing it there (minus the bees)! We'll be serving approximately 12 dishes in a five-course menu filled with all of the best things that are coming off of the farm, as well as some great ingredients from our other favorite local farmers. We are still working out the final details of our menu, but here is the format that you can expect. The menu is subject to change based on availability of ingredients.

Menu detail

welcome cocktail
a refreshing starter cocktail to get dinner started off right.
'a farm tour' of small plates
several small dishes based on what is best on the farm that morning.
heirloom tomato salad
sliced heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, basil
homemade pasta
Small Plate
pasta made with eggs from our chickens. details TBD
local fish
roasted local fish. details TBD
summer fruit
there are so many options for great fruit in August we want to wait a few weeks until we decide on what we'll use for dessert. Peaches, plums, melon, berries - it's an embarrassment of riches.

Farmhand at Frances

In-PersonCastro, San Francisco
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