Taco Thursdays with Farming Hope

Civic Center, San Francisco


Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
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Join us for our community gathering around tacos! We will be featuring three seasonal, California produce driven tacos. You'll taste authentic Mexican flavors with a California twist. CNN will be filming us so come eat with us to make taco night extra amazing! Farming Hope is the soup kitchen turned on its head - we train and hire transitional homeless folks to garden and cook with the food we grow. Learn more at

Menu detail

Rotisserie Cauliflower Taco
Small Plate
Our cauliflower is cooked on an open fire rotisserie until it gets a nice brown, seared exterior. Served with a cilantro-lime crema on a warm, handmade blue tortilla from La Palma in the Mission.
Fried Egg with Asparagus
Small Plate
We fry farm fresh, pasture raised eggs until the whites are perfectly cooked but the yolk still runny. Served with seared asparagus, tomatillo chile de arbol salsa, toasted almonds, and crumbled cotija cheese on a handmade tortilla from La Palma.
Chipotle Rockfish Taco
Small Plate
We saute a pacific, wild rockfish with onions, bell peppers, and a smoky-but-not-too-spicy chipotle seasoning until just barely cooked. Served with Mexican rice and Rancho Gordo beans on a warm, handmade tortilla from La Palma in the Mission.
Citrus Chamomile Iced Tea with Pomegranate Juice
We steep dried chamomile flowers with citrus peels and sweeten our tea with agave and pomegranate juice.

Taco Thursdays with Farming Hope

Civic Center, San Francisco
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