The Roots of Central Europe - Nick Balla

In-PersonCivic Center, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
Join us for an evening that celebrates the cross cultural sharing of culinary ideas throughout the Danube basin. Sourdough flatbreads, summer vegetables and flavors as deep as the cultures that brought them together. Guest Chef Nick Balla will be opening his Central European restaurant Duna in San Francisco in the coming months. Formerly the chef of Bar Tartine, where he developed a culinary program that focused on preservation, writing a James Beard winning cookbook on the subject. Nick's culinary career was built on paying homage to the peasant flavors and aesthetics he loves. He uses homemade products to develop intense flavors and experiences that are as unique as the individual ingredients they are built from. This is a meal with a mission, as Nick is hosting with Farming Hope, the soup kitchen turned on its head - we train and hire transitional homeless folks to garden and cook with the food we grow. Learn more at *Menu subject to change based of what is most delicious from Imperfect Produce

Menu detail

Sourdough Smoked Potato Bread
Small Plate
Selection of Spreads
Small Plate
Paprika Farmer's Cheese, Imperfect Saag, Winter Pickles, Zucchini and Pumpkin Seed dip, Sprouted White Bean Hummus
Cauliflower and Yogurt Salad
Small Plate
Chicken Gulyas
Cream Co. chicken prepared in a Hungarian stew
Free Blueberry
Rescued blueberry custard with huckleberries and roasted nectarines

The Roots of Central Europe - Nick Balla

In-PersonCivic Center, San Francisco
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