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Washington, DC


I am a restaurant/bar industry professional of 7+ years. Originally from Northern Virginia, I have been within several great establishments in Virginia and Washington, D.C. with a list of immaculate restaurateurs, including RAMW award-winning Chef of the Year, Bob Kinkead of Kinkead’s and Ancora; RAMMY award-winning chef, Anthony Chittum of Vermilion and Iron Gate of Neighborhood Restaurant Group; Top Chef Masters Richard Sandoval of Richard Sandoval Restaurants, as well as the most recent Top Chef season’s finalist, Marjorie Meek-Bradley of Ripple DC and Roofers Union. I currently work at Jack Rose Dining Saloon, the largest whiskey bar in the western hemisphere, as of the last 4 years and recently ended my year long tenure at Smoke & Barrel as their beverage director. The outcome of being within such great households of my profession has led to me having a wealth of beverage, food, and hospitality knowledge with much regard to optimizing company sales as well as growth within our direct market.