Gabriela Ramos
Brooklyn, NY, USA


My name is Gabriela Ramos and I am a recent transplant from sunny Los Angeles. I come from a Puerto Rican/Dominican household where food was always at the center. It feels like I've been cooking what seems like forever, always being very much interested in helping my mother cook dinner every night. A couple years ago, my brother, aunt and I started a dinner supper club curating 4 course meals including our homemade sangria where guests dined under our avocado tree in our backyard. Casa De Lola was named in honor of our grandmother who I consider the greatest cook and had the gift of hosting and always making people feel welcomed in her home. Casa De Lola was my way of creating a dining experience where guests feel like they are eating in someone's home (literally), family style, with good company. I have always viewed cooking as my outlet to express myself, its very personal and intimate to me, and I love to share that with people. Food is something I absolutely love and being able to share it is the most rewarding. My point of view is very much connected to my Caribbean background yet California style, high in fresh, local ingredients. My food is traditional Caribbean comfort food with a modern edge. Growing up in a location where I always had access to fresh, local ingredients at my disposal was essential to my food experience. I also was highly influenced by the strong Mexican and Central American presence in Los Angeles. I love incorporating healthy elements to my dishes. I now do community work at a garden in Crown Heights, Brooklyn where my focus is teaching wellness to shelter residents while I also get a chance to grow my own vegetables and herbs there as well. My hopes are to continue to build Casa De Lola while sharing my food with other people that appreciate and support home chefs like me!