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Geeta HushNEW MAKER!

Washington, DC, USA


My name is Geeta and I am the chef, storyteller, and hostess of Hush Supper Club in the U Street neighborhood of Washington, DC. ( I am a Gujarati Jain who serves authentic, vegetarian Indian food that is from my region and religious, culinary tradition. My mother, Mama Geeta, is my guru and the recipes are all hers. You cannot find most of my dishes in any restaurant. During the meal, I give a talk called The Spice Tour, explaining the dishes, sharing my spice box, and providing a cultural, religious, and culinary backstory to the meal. The mystery of the Jains and their unique diet will be revealed. We end with Playing with Food, where I have guests taste and sniff various ingredients used in that meal.

I was raised a Jain, both at temple and table, hence my vegetarian upbringing. I studied philosophy as an undergraduate before coming to Washington, DC to study foreign affairs. I’m happy to have left office life for a spice box and my MacBook.

Outside the kitchen, I’m a writer and something of an anthropologist. Hush is the marriage of many loves.