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Geoffrey Reed

San Francisco, CA


With 20 years under his apron, Geoffrey Reed owes much of his culinary awareness to the ocean and mountains that surrounded him as a native of McKinleyville, California. It began early on in his parent’s garden, fishing in the creek behind the house and having full reign to play in the kitchen. Geoff got his first taste of the culinary life at 12, helping with chocolate dipped strawberries and washing dishes on Valentine’s Day at a restaurant where his older brother worked. That adventure turned into a career of working his way through every position in the kitchen.

Now in San Francisco, Geoff has worked numerous restaurant openings including Pläj with Executive Chef Roberth Sundell, rated among the top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area by SF Chronicle. He founded FishInKitchen, his own workshop classes where he brings people out on fishing trips and teaches how to clean and cook their own catches. Now with Feastly, he hosts his own series of omakase pop-ups which feature his one-of-a-kind recipes from the fresh seafood he catches and local foraged ingredients in the Bay Area.

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