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George Bellairs
San Francisco, CA


I have been in the kitchen sense I was a child. Cooking for my family. Off to Jr High School my Uncle taught me cooking in a club in Nebraska. Then took over the noon Buffett. Off to the navy cooked for four years. That did me in for cooking for a while. Moved up to Minnesota it all started back. Cooking dinners for friends. Moved to San Francisco YEARS ago. I came for two reasons, a man and the California Culinary Academy where I graduated with High Honors. I then cooked Privately. Then off to Airbnb for sometime as a Super Host. Then found Feastly and looking forward to welcoming Feasters to my Victorian home in the Castro.

I enjoy many, many types of food, as well as cooking them. I cannot say I enjoy one over the other, but certainly preparing them. I am totally excited to be a part of Feastly. Cuisine is a delight in my life. Smiles and Grins.