The Light in the Darkness: A Halloween Special (w/ performance)

Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
Available for purchase,Provided
Banquet (20+ Guests)
We couldn't resist treating our well-beloved guests with a special mystery evening celebrating the beautiful and mystical world of African spirituality but do not fret, it is going to be magical and soul-warming walk. What say thou? Prepare to eat a special meal honoring the orishas and other beautiful spirits with their favorite dishes Our opening will be part of a Halloween installation located right by the Fashion District in downtown LA

Menu detail

A Feastly Ode to Eshu
The best way to start our mystical evening is to find each other between the physical and spiritual worlds. Eshu is the medium between these two dimensions and he enjoys peppers, so we are going to remix a dish from Algeria called "felfel" and add assorted peppers with different temperature levels that will make our dear spiritual trickster proud and happy enough to let us enter "the other side"
Oya's Mafe
Oya is the "spice" of all Orishas with her destructive tendencies and her striking appearance. She is not huge on meat , so we will honor her with our famous creamy peanut sauce while adding some beans so she can feel acknowledged and hopefully spare her from her lightnings and storms.
Africa's Darkest Treasure
Not featuring this stew on Halloween would have been a crime. Chef Gladys is going to perfect this Cameroonian recipe with the most tender oxtails marinated in a black sauce made with barks, and dried spices from the forests of Cameroon. Prepare yourself to be mind-blown by the taste and aesthetic of this tribal dish
Oshun's earthy fruit
Oshun embodies all of the characteristics of who Westerners describes as " Mother Nature" . As part of her favorite ingredients, we are going to create layers of sweet potatoes infused with different spices waltzing around honey. Indeed, there is sweetness found in the dark part of the earth.
Shango's Melting Stew
God of Thunder, Shango is powerful deities with beautiful characteristics that tend to be muffled by his might that may be overwhelming to some. We are going to illustrate is softer side with this mouth-watering stew made with scallops and Okra.


African Wine pairing

The Light in the Darkness: A Halloween Special (w/ performance)

Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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