AfroAsia: CrissCross Experience

In-PersonVenice, Venice


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
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Part of our culinary movement is to showcase the similarities in cultures to remind ourselves how many common grounds we share. During this experiential dinner we will be combining traditions and dishes from both Africa and Asia. Prepare to be mesmerized by beautiful dances and a powerful art piece forming in front of your eyes.

Menu detail

Vegan Bastilla in EggRolls With Cucumber Raita
Bastilla is a succulent savory pie from Northern Africa powdered with a thin layer of sugar. We are creating a vegan version of it with root vegetables, lentil and rice. It has a a beautiful blends of cinnamon, nutmeg, all spices and other ingredients from the Orient regions. Instead of wrapping it with a traditional philo dough, we will wrap it with vegan "egg-roll" wraps and served it with a peanut infused-maple syrup!
Afro Kare-Kare
Mafe is a creamy and delicious dish made with peanut butter from Senegal that has similar flavors as the filipino dish called Kare-Kare. Our delicious stew will be served with plantains
Cameroon Nigiri
Nigiri made with sticky coconut rice topped with yellow tails infused with a traditional marinade sauce and dotted with Mbombo's traditional hot pepper .
Chicken Tikka Masala Couscous
We will get take you to India throughout this flavorful creamy spiced tomato stew, accompanied with a traditional coucous from Northern Africa.
Mbombo's Bowl of Joy
A refreshing zesty bowl composed of exotic fruits with dairy free coconut custard, sprinkled with honey, fresh mint and roasted almonds


African & Asian Wine Pairing

AfroAsia: CrissCross Experience

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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