Coconut Fish + Ginger White Rice + Pineapple Ginger Drink

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


cajun/creole, african, indian
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I will be taking you on a journey to East Africa, Kenya/Tanzania to be precise, where I first encountered the primary fish and rice dish we will be exploring together! There is a crazy story behind this experience which I cannot wait to share with you "Hint" [You might learn some travel tips in the process]. We will explore the techniques and ideas behind creating flavors and keeping the dish interesting all the way. I will be showing you alternate methods that have worked for me and could potentially work for you too! I will be culminating the day's lesson with a tutorial of an amazing drink I made for myself all through the pandemic, which is known to help boost your immune defense against unwanted entities in our bodies. We will approach the day in this order: The Rice + The Fish + The Drink Looking forward to chopping it up with you! Cheers!