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Graham HouseNEW MAKER!
Asheville, NC


Chef Graham House spent ten years honing his style at world-renowned restaurants around the globe such Osteria Del Bouche in Lake Como, Italy; Redd in Yountville, California; 4th & Swift in Atlanta; as well as serving as the Executive Sous Chef at Prospect in San Francisco under Chefs Nancy Oakes and Pam Mazzola.

Having cultivated a deep a reverence for local, seasonal produce and agriculture throughout his career, his dishes are an expression of his personal style: fresh, vegetable-forward new cuisine. Combining bold flavors and aesthetics, he applies a snout-to-tail carnivore’s approach to produce, using the entire vegetable by employing techniques such as fermenting, dehydrating, and pickling. Though not a vegetarian chef, of his own approach he says, “Proteins are normally an afterthought when it comes to creating a dish.”

Making his homecoming to Asheville at Sovereign Remedies, Chef House exercises his full creative control of the menu to the fullest. Working with a local contracted farm, Patchwork Urban Farms, as well as other local purveyors gives him and his team of hand-selected cooks a plethora of beautiful, seasonal produce to incorporate into his creative dishes.