'What's For Dinner?' - A HomeCooked Dinner Party!

In-PersonKoreatown, Los Angeles


Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
Come join Hailley, the Founder of HomeCooked, for an exciting new dinner party series! Each guest will bring 1 raw ingredient from a particular category - protein, veggie, starch, etc - and Hailley will prepare a fantastic meal LIVE with whatever shows up! Enjoy delicious small bites and drinks as soon as you arrive and mingle with your fellow diners while Hailley conquers the kitchen. Inspirational discussion topics will help break the ice while you make new friends. See you there!

Menu detail

Cucumber Coins with Herbed Labneh
Crunchy persian cucumbers topped with labneh (a fresh strained yogurt cheese) that has been loaded with fresh herbs and toasted walnuts. Each bite is crowned with a sun-dried tomato sliver and a sprig of dill. The perfect refreshing summer bite!
Zucchini Blinis with Mushroom and Eggplant Pâté (Vegetarian)
Blinis are traditionally small crepe-like savory pancakes that are served as a base for various appetizers including caviar. These HomeCooked Blinis have lots of fresh zucchini inside and are folded over into the cutest mini soft tacos that are stuffed with a vegetarian pâté of roasted eggplant, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and herbs. Grated lemon zest adds a fresh and lively twist!
HomeCooked Entree and Sides - Cooked LIVE!
This is where YOU come in! Everyone will be contributing to the main meal: one raw ingredient per person. After you book, you will receive info about the category to bring your raw item from (protein, veggie, starch, etc) and the quantity to bring with you. Bring something you LOVE. Bring something you found at the farmer's market. Bring something from your garden. Bring something you're intrigued by but don't know how to cook yourself!


Fruity Lemonade: Free refills while supplies last!
Take-home Breakfast: Strawberry & Peach Scones!
Unlimited Wine: Red or White! (Approx 3-5 glasses)

'What's For Dinner?' - A HomeCooked Dinner Party!

In-PersonKoreatown, Los Angeles
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)