Soi 9 Thai Pop-Up: Flavors of Bangkok

In-Personsouthwest downtown, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Medium (10-15 Guests)
Menu focused on Thai-Lao inspiration, Mathilde Aurelian-Wilson learned to cook from living in the many cultures of the Caribbean including Cuba, US Virgin Islands and Haiti. Mathilde operated Mathilde's Kitchen, at Portland Mercado for two years. Mathilde’s goal now is to focus on her Hibiscus/Ginger Brew, developing new recipes and her catering service where she will continue to share with all PDX her Haitian recipes. Expect to be greeted with warm smiles and fresh, delicious Haitian dishes.

Menu detail

a popular drinking snack, shrimp & Fish chip, chili jam fish-lime dipping sauce.
Kung Phak Chii
grilled shrimp is found anywhere, but not this one. made by occasion and taught by grandma, grilled prawns with citrus, coriander leaves and chili, garlic-fish-lime sauce
Tom Klong Poo-Nim
from a central part of Thailand, a spicy herbals and tamarind flavor soup, shallot, cherry tomato and hot basil, pair with crispy soft-shell crab (likely to be found streetside of Thailand made with crispy dried fish)
Khao Kluk Ka-Pi
a central region favorite often found at local fresh market or street food stall. hand tossed seasoned shrimp paste rice, green mango, omelet, raw shallot, dried salted shrimp, sweet pork, chinese sausage, chili, long bean, cilantro
one of the most popular Thai sweet of all, a lovely combination of bright green and earthy fragrance rice pasta, coconut syrup, smoked coconut milk.

Soi 9 Thai Pop-Up: Flavors of Bangkok

In-Personsouthwest downtown, Portland
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)