Thai Home Cook

In-Personsouthwest downtown, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
"Thai Home Cook" menu gives you a blend of spicy, healthy, and earthy 4 courses of my all times favorite comfort dishes. The diversity of different herbs, textures, ingredients and flavors to each course gives this menu a unique of flavors that all work together. Thank you and come experience Thai home cook that punch!

Menu detail

Shrimp Chips
"Khao Krieb Goong" - a popular drinking snack, house chili jam dip
Quinoa Fried Rice w/ Grilled Salmon
Garlic & egg quinoa fried rice, grilled salmon, organic salad with house seasoned mayonnaise dressing, with your choice of - Green Curry, sweet basil or; - Shredded mango garlic-fish-lime sauce
Spicy Dried Fish & Tamarind Soup with Mussel
from a central part of Thailand, a spicy herbals and tamarind flavor soup, shallot, cherry tomato and hot basil, pair with mussels (likely to be found streetside of Thailand made with crispy dried fish)
Rice Pasta in House Coconut Milk
"Lod-Chong" - one of the most popular Thai sweet of all, a lovely combination of bright green and earthy fragrance rice pasta, coconut syrup, coconut milk.

Thai Home Cook

In-Personsouthwest downtown, Portland
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