10 Course Autumn Turkish Dinner

In-PersonSan Jose, Campbell


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Medium (10-15 Guests)
This menu is sensational connections from my heritage food, inspired by autumn's flavors & aromas, also focused to nutrient composition. Lets celebrate the seasonal colors together!

Menu detail

Welcome Coctail
Meze plate
Small Plate
One of my childhood favorites. Circassian chicken is a dish of shredded & boiled chicken with garlic. To dressing, sprinkles with chopped walnuts, sprigs of parsley and paprika infused oil over it.
Seasonal Salad
Made with available fresh, seasonal and local produces.
Aegean style stuffed grape leaves
Small Plate
Aegean style stuffed grape leaves with aromatic rice, fresh herbs, roasted pine-nuts, and dry currents. This is a original recipe from my heritage. Serving with slices of lemon and black olives.
Beetroot tzatziki
Small Plate
Roasted beetroots, Greek yogurt, comfit garlic, garnished with candied beetroot cubes, and pita breads.
Mucver puffs
Small Plate
Deep fried little zucchini puffs and herbs, serving with green garlic yogurt and baby dill.
Hummus with roasted Brussels sprouts
Small Plate
Honey-balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts & crispy bacon, and roasted crushed hazelnuts on a creamy tahini hummus.
Creamy carrot-lentil soup
Bit of Luxurious touch of Turkish red lentil soup, warmest and creamy. Nourished with homemade chicken broth and garnish with roasted peanut, garlic, silk-cut chili pepper, and cumin. Optionally, sizzling brown butter. Most comforting lentil soup.
Braised, slow cooked lamb serving in terra-cotta
Crispy layers of mille-feuille dough covered pot, cooked with lamb meat inside. Serving with creme fraiche celery root puree, and herbs. This is one of the most exciting part of wilderness cooking.
Candied pumpkin
Serving with piece of Kaymak (clotted cream) buttery paper thin, buttery phyllo sheets and walnuts.


Wine Pairing (Glass)
Half portion meal for kids

10 Course Autumn Turkish Dinner

In-PersonSan Jose, Campbell
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