Breaking Bread - 8 Course

In-PersonSan Jose, Campbell


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Medium (10-15 Guests)
Local, Organic
Our idea is, we all came together in our home, break bread and share stories, a casual meal among associates. Something that connect us to the world. It is a symbolic expression for a memorial meal or feast. We will talk food, culture, and history. We will break a bread for peace. We will break a bread to bring us together, to bring different cultures together on a meal. And most important and exciting part of this menu is, we will donate 5% of the earnings to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Menu detail

Pomegranate Stuffed Rotisserie Chicken
The chicken is stuffed with pomegranate, thyme, pearl onion, and warm spices for one juicy, tender, incredibly moist and memorable meal.
Roasted Root Vegetables with Miso Glaze
Small Plate
Local roasted root vegetables, miso glazed, buttery, umami, salty, and slightly sweet. In this plate, used most colors from the fall/winter season.
Warm Bulgur Pilaf with Walnut and Dry Fruits
Small Plate
Bulgur Pilaf is almost everyday meal in rural Turkey. The dish is combined with dry fruits, and roasted walnut. It gets plenty of bright flavors from fresh dill, mint, and parsley.
Torshi (turşu)
Small Plate
Tursu is the name given to any sour pickled vegetables. In some regions the tursu water is also drinkable and very popular in Turkey. I wouldn't think of a Autumn/Winter family menu without a Tursu.
Classic Hummus with roasted Pinenuts
Small Plate
This classic hummus is a smooth, creamy, and garlicky, a delightful little meal that transcends cultures, continents and centuries.
Slow Roasted Bell Peppers with Salty Garlic Yogurt
Small Plate
Slow roasted red bell peppers in a bowl of salty, garlic yogurt, garnished with Japanese red dried chile.
Chocolate Salami
My most beloved chocolate charcuterie dessert is finally in one of my menu! Original Chocolate salami is a Portuguese and Italian dessert made from chocolate, nuts, broken biscuits, and a bit of rum. But you should taste my rustic version :) Serving with homemade Carob-Fig liquor.
Homemade Carob Dry Fig Liquor
Inspired from traditional Dalmatian liquor made by dry figs and carobs with my own touch of cocoa nibs and honey. They have been grown in the Mediterranean for 4,000 years for its pods, which, when dried, makes an interesting, tasty chocolate flavor.


Wine (White)
Wine (Red)

Breaking Bread - 8 Course

In-PersonSan Jose, Campbell
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