Northern Iranian Dinner + Fundraiser

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
persian, middle eastern
Local, Organic
The “Immigrant cookbook” is out and we are celebrating the last pop-up events of Persian Year by serving “Kaale Kabob”, the recipe that we contributed to the book. There will be copies of the book available for purchase! Interlink publishing will donate $5 from the sale of each book to ACLU to support their Immigrants’ Rights Project. In this menu we will serve some northern Iranian popular dishes. We will use seasonal and local vegetables and herbs. Sustainable fish would be our only meat option for the main course. Please join us and break bread with us! Northern Iranian Cuisine.

Menu detail

Miveh Daalaar
Lettuce, Carrots, Radish, Apple, barberries with Cilantro-Mint Dressing and Crushed Almonds.
Bademjoon Kabob
Small Plate
Stuffed eggplant with herbs, Walnut and pomegranate molasses
Zeitun Parvardeh
Small Plate
Green Olives marinated with pomegranate Molasses, walnut and herbs.
Zarde Katte
White Basmati Rice cooked with Butter, Turmeric and Garlic.
Eshken Tareh
Herbs stew. Parsley, cilantro, mint, spinach, dill, green garlic, green onion cooked with beans, split peas and Sour orange juice. Served with roasted anchovies fillet.
Kaale Kabob
Small Plate
Roasted Eggplant with Pomegranate juice, Garlic and walnut
Maast o Shireh
Greek yogurt with Mulberry syrup, dried Mulberry, Ginger and Poppy seeds.
Suger-free pastry made with Rice flour and Saffron, served with orange blossom honey.
Chai Gol
Borage flowers brewed with Dried orange blossom and dried quince.


Two glasses of Red wine

Northern Iranian Dinner + Fundraiser

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)