Caspian Tea party

In-PersonWest Berkeley, Berkeley


Pop-up space
This is an alcohol-free event
Small (4-10 Guests)
Local, Vegetarian
A trip to Iran! After an absence of decades, I returned to Iran to visit my 86-year-old father and got to roam the world's biggest bazaars and chat with the people in the streets. At the same time, Hanif Sadr of culinary start-up also visited his grandfather's farm house in the Caspian region to help sustain the small family village farms that grow unique teas and herbs. Now back in Berkeley, we will share images of Iran's diverse people and places, and the wondrous things we saw, ate, drank and felt. Join us for afternoon Persian tea, home-made refreshments and an intimate encounter with a changing, bustling and forever surprising Iran. We may even show you some of the goodies we sneaked past the border....If they only knew how good Iranian grandmothers are in packing contraband in your carry-on! Babak Nahid ~ Alembique Apothecary

Menu detail

Zeitun Parvardeh
Green Olives marinated with pomegranate Molasses, walnut and herbs.
Chai siaah Gilan
Traditional persian brewed Hand dried early season black tea leaves. The tea comes from a small tea farms of Deilamaan region in Gilan province.
Suger-free pastry made with Rice flour and Saffron, served with quince Jam.
Chai Gol gaavzaban
Foraged wild Borage flowers from Aghoozdare region in eastern Mazandaran province brewed with Persian dried lime. (herbal tea)
Kaale Kabob
Small Plate
Roasted Eggplant with Pomegranate juice, Garlic and walnut
Paneer Sabzi
Small Plate
Feta cheese, walnut, dill and parsley with Sangak bread.
Naan Berenji
Small Plate
Northern Iranian rice floure cookie with poppy seed.
Chai Gol
Hollyhocks flowers brewed with Orange blossom, Safflower and dried quince.
Halva Beh
Quince halva. Slow cooked Quinces with rice floure, brown sugar and cardamom.

Caspian Tea party

In-PersonWest Berkeley, Berkeley
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