Flavors of Northern Iran, 7 course Tasting menu

SOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
persian, middle eastern
Local, Organic
In this menu we will serve some northern Iranian original recipes in a modern concept. Small plates will be served one after another. Please come to our table and break bread with us!

Menu detail

Khiaar Daalaar
Persian Cucumbers, Oranges, Carrots and Pea sprouts with Cilantro-Mint Dressing and Almonds.
Bademjoon Kabob
Stuffed eggplant with herbs, Walnut and sour Orange molasses
Maahi Doodi
Small Plate
Smoked trout with Lettuce, goat cheese, barberries, walnut and Dalaar (fermented herbs paste). Serve with cooked fava beans.
Kado Tareh
Small Plate
Sumac roasted Zucchini cooked with Tomatoes, Garlic, Chives, and dried Sireh (wild spring herb foraged from Alborz mountains)
Paneer Sabzi
Small Plate
Feta cheese, walnut, dill, tarragon and chives spread with Turmeric bread. Serve with green olives marinated with walnut and pomegranate molasses.
Morgh Torsh
Small Plate
Wild cumin roasted chicken wings with Pomegranate, walnut and herbs sauce. Serve with smoked white basmati rice.
Suger-free pastry made with Rice flour and Saffron, served with quince Jam.
Chai Gol
Hollyhocks flowers brewed with Dried orange blossom and dried quince.


One glass of Pinot Noir

Flavors of Northern Iran, 7 course Tasting menu

SOMA, San Francisco
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)