Pelaa, Northern Iranian rice bowl dinner

In-PersonNorth Berkeley, Berkeley


Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
persian, middle eastern
Gluten Free, Organic
PELAA is a northern Iranian word for Polo (Persian rice)! Rice plays a huge role in Persian cuisine and rice farmers in northern Iran have been The main producers in the whole country for the past five hundred years. This four course menu will be focusing on different rice cooking techniques and varieties of Rice bowls served with Locally sourced Ingredients. We'll be using California rice from Lundberg Family farm. Come feast at our table, break bread with us, taste the flavors of northern Iran and experience the Persian hospitality at its best! We offer two serving times each night! The venue is a cozy cafe with multiple small tables.

Menu detail

Kahoo Sekanjebin
Gem lettuce, fermented herb paste, mint and vinegar syrup, pea sprouts, barberries.
Zeitun Parvardeh
Small Plate
Green olives marinated with Walnut, Pomegranate molasses, herbs and garlic.
Maahi Polo
Small Plate
Smoked white rice, Smoked trout, Onion, Garlic, Tarragon, Chives Barberries, Butter and Turmeric.
Chai Gol
Hollyhocks flower, orange blossom and quince tea.
Rice flour, yogurt, eggs and saffron pastry. With homemade apricot Jam.


One glass of wine from the wine pairing menu

Pelaa, Northern Iranian rice bowl dinner

In-PersonNorth Berkeley, Berkeley
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