Yalda Night 7 course Dinner

In-PersonNorth Berkeley, Berkeley


Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
persian, middle eastern
Local, Organic
Yalda night is Winter solstice night! In Zoroastrian tradition the longest and darkest night of the year was a particularly inauspicious day, and the practice of what is now known as "Shab-e Yalda" were originally costumes intended to protect people from Evil during that long Night! As most of the traditional ceremonies this one is another Persian festive events! We would love to celebrate the special night with you! Please join us and taste some of the special Yalda night dishes with us.

Menu detail

Gilani Ajeel
Small Plate
Walnut, hazelnut, mulberry, raisin and fig.
Anaar daaneh
Gem lettuce, purple radish, tangerine peel, Pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate vinegar, Persian hogweed spice, olive oil.
Kaaleh Kabob
Small Plate
Fire roasted eggplant with walnuts, herbs, Pomegranate juice and garlic. Serve with house made whole wheat bread.
Maast Laboo
Small Plate
Yogurt with cooked Beets, Savory and Tarragon.
Beh Ghormeh
Quince stew. Caramelized quince cooked with stew beef meat, pomegranate juice, garlic and cinnamon.
Katte Zard
White Basmati Rice cooked with Butter, Turmeric and Garlic.
Kado bereshte
Roasted Butternut squash with crushed walnut, cardamom and brow sugar.
Small Plate
Rice flour pastry with yogurt, eggs and saffron. Serve with clotted cream, honey and rose petals.
Chai Gol
Mallow flower, orange blossom and dried quince.


One glass Rose
One glass Cabernet sauvignon
One glass Pinot Noir

Yalda Night 7 course Dinner

In-PersonNorth Berkeley, Berkeley
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