Flavors of Northern Iran, Tasting Menu

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
persian, middle eastern
Local, Organic
From walnut herb olives to saffron & orange syrup pastry, Komaaj delivers unique flavors, gluten-free dishes, and a truly special learning and dining experience. Come feast at our table, break bread with us and taste the flavors of The Gilan Province and experience the Persian hospitality at its best!

Menu detail

Zeitun Parvardeh
Green Olives marinated with pomegranate Molasses, walnut and herbs.
Mive Daalaar
Sour Apple, Cucumber, Rhubarb and black radish with Cilantri-Mint Dressing, Barberries and young Almonds.
Maast Laboo
Small Plate
Yogurt with cooked Beets, Savory and Tarragon.
Maahi Maala
Small Plate
Sour orange molasses roasted rainbow trout with pomegranate molasses, walnut and herb sauce. Serve on a toasted sangam bread.
Baaghali Tareh
Small Plate
Fresh Fava beans cooked with spinach, dill, Onion, Garlic in sour orange juice. Serve with quail eggs and dried Sireh (wild spring herb foraged from Alborz mountains)
Halu Kotena
Small Plate
Greenage plums with Cilantro-Mint dressing, crushed Hazelnut and olive oil.
Sabzi Katte
Small Plate
White Basmati Rice cooked with Garlic chives, spinach, Butter, Turmeric and Garlic.
Suger-free pastry made with Rice flour and Saffron, served with Orange syrup and rose petals.
Chai Gol
Hollyhocks flower brewed with Dried orange blossom and dried quince.


One glass of Chardonnay

Flavors of Northern Iran, Tasting Menu

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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