Teetotaler Mixologist: Rosemary Paloma & Bar Nuts

LivestreamBerkeley, CA


vegan, vegetarian
Vegan, Vegetarian
Who says only alcohol drinkers get to stir up a little mischief? Teetotaler Mixologist is a series of classes which explore the world of cocktails that just happen to be alcohol free. These classes are perfect for anyone who doesn’t drink, is pregnant or simply wants to cut back. Mostly it is for anyone who wants a refreshing, inventive beverage. The flavors and ingredients will range from the humble to the avant garde: herb infused simple syrups, homemade fruit shrubs and fresh vegetable juices will all be featured players. Get ready to learn techniques and flavor pairings that will inspire and inform you in this class and beyond. No happy hour is complete without something to nosh on, so every class will also include a bar snack specifically designed to go along with the beverage of the hour. Life has many flavors and where better for those to meet than in your glass. Cheers! Menu -Rosemary Simple Syrup -Rosemary Paloma -Rosemary Bar Nuts