Magic Wands: Tomatoes

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vegetarian, californian
Tomatoes are the superstar of summer. Their ripening represents the highly anticipated portent of long, sun-soaked days and a slower pace. Although they are botanically classified as a fruit, tomatoes are mostly used in savory recipes. Tomatoes offer a panoply of flavors depending on their variety and preparation. Raw, the tomato is succulent, vibrant and tangy. When it is cooked or dried we get rich, savory flavors that are not very common in the vegetable kingdom. While you would be justified in enjoying your tomatoes on a simple green salad or on their own with a bit of salt and olive oil, we invite you to enhance your recipe repertoire with these flavorful and inventive recipes that pay homage to the summertime culinary heavyweight. Please join us as we give narration to the serration of these plump and pliable foods of all trades. MENU - Early Girl Gazpacho - Panzanella with Basil, Peaches and Chile - Miso & Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin