Sourdough Popovers with Sweet and Savory Compound Butter

LivestreamBerkeley, CA


brunch, californian, vegetarian
Two birds, one stone: While cleaning out the basement Marie found a dusty but beautiful popover tin that had been gifted by a popover enthusiast friend. It had to be used. Marie bakes sourdough bread on a regular basis and is always on the prowl for new ways to use up her sourdough discard other than pancakes and waffles. After several iterations and recipe tests she came up with both a formula and method that yielded a tender and tangy sourdough popover, perfect for family brunch or to enjoy alongside a bowl of soup at dinner. Are you in camp sweet or team savory? In this class you won’t have to choose because while the popovers are in the oven we will be making two luxurious and stunningly simple compound butters. No sourdough starter? No problem! Marie will guide you to easily make this recipe without it.

Menu detail

Sourdough Popovers
A.K.A. a vehicle for butter
Triple Umami Compound Butter
Dulse. Shallot. Porcini Powder
Blackberry Mint Compound Butter
Blackberries. Fresh Mint. Honey