Fabulous Fungi!

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Vegan, Vegetarian
Mushrooms can be a divisive ingredient. There are camps of people who adore them, always have them in their refrigerator and even grow them in their homes. Then there are people for whom mushrooms are a meal deal breaker. While Marie is firmly in the first camp she used to be in the latter. This should surprise no one since her first experiences with mushrooms included gummy, canned white buttons in casseroles and insipid, raw criminis on salad bars. How is anyone supposed to love mushrooms in these circumstances? Good news! Through travels and experimentation she has learned the error of her previous ways and is eager to shepherd you through the mushroom world. Devalue these fungal friends no more with the 3 savory and adventurous recipes developed specifically to please both the mushroom-curious and the established mycophiles. Marie will teach you easy and clear methods for cooking mushrooms to maximize their inherent umami flavors and how to get the best textures. Menu - Mushroom Miso Toast with Fried Capers - Roasted Oyster Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Soup with Paprika & Shiitake Bacon -Warm Farro, Maitake & Herb Salad with Chili Yogurt Sauce Note: -We call for specific mushrooms in recipes but most can easily be substituted with other mushrooms if you have trouble procuring a specific type. Email if you are unsure.