Rites of Spring: Soups

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vegetarian, californian
Spring rides between the cold, wet evenings of winter and the warm days of summer. The temperature is warmer but there is often a damp chill about. It’s not quite time for shorts even though we want it to be. Developing fresh but nourishing flavors is key. Marie has been known to go a little nuts at the farmers market when spring rolls around. The sudden infusion of produce that has been absent over the winter is a windfall. What better way to appreciate it by buying all of it? These soups are both for these moments of over–excitement and for saluting spring.

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Farmers Market Primavera Minestrone
This soup is one of the ultimate expressions of spring. Light, zippy and fresh.
Avgolemono: Greek Style Lemon & Rice Soup
A nourishing and comforting soup that is fortified with eggs and enhanced with lemon.