Dry January Cocktail Party

LivestreamBerkeley, CA


Who says only alcohol drinkers get to stir up a little mischief? Dry January Cocktail Party is a class which will help you begin to explore the world of zero-proof drinks. This class is perfect for anyone who doesn’t drink or simply wants to cut back. Mostly it is for anyone who wants a refreshing, inventive beverage. And snacks. Don’t forget about the snacks. No happy hour is complete without something to nosh on. Marie has crafted two flavorful and easy to assemble recipes to pair with your cocktails. The Ultimate Umami Popcorn boasts toasted nori, miso powder, potato chips and pappadums. The Roasted Spiced Chickpeas will show how you can transform a humdrum, forgotten can of garbanzos into a crispy, crunchy hunger killer.  MENU The Cocktails: - Adult Tea Party—featuring Ritual* zero proof whiskey or rum - Miso Bloody Mary—featuring Ritual* zero proof tequila The Snacks: - The Ultimate Umami Popcorn - Roasted Spiced Chickpeas Head to www.ritualzeroproof.com/?ref=bb-x61zjw to outfit your home bar with some zero proof spirits before class. Use code RZPHIMDecember for 10% off your order.