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Helena Rios
New Maker!
Houston, TX


I am a multifaceted Oil & Gas professional [MBA graduate] passionate about cooking and hosting. Even though I am not a professional chef, I grew up in Brazil watching my grandmother cooking delicious meals made from local food that taste amazing.

Cooking is a therapy to me!

As soon as I started living abroad, I learned very quickly that the best way to open peoples’ hearts starts with a good meal. I then started to use that taste from my childhood to surprise people and make new friends as I moved from Rio de Janeiro to Toronto and later from Geneva to Houston.

I am not ONLY passionate about cooking but also about the process of cooking and it’s magic. It’s around a meal that memories are built and new friends are made ☺ and I love that.

My style is ‘Armorial’

I like to joke around that my cuisine style is modern & ‘armorial’. The writer Ariano Suassuna [1927 – 2014] used the “armorial” concept to define his literature as a mix of the erudite and popular knowledge.

In tribute to Suassuna, I borrowed the “armorial” concept to define my cuisine as a mix of erudite and popular food and techniques that I have learned and incorporated to my cooking style. That way I can surprise the most rigorous palate with the best of both worlds.

Reserve your seat, now!

Whether you like pasta, seafood, risotto, or red meat, my armorial menu creates the perfect balance. Now that you know so much about me, I can’t wait to meet you and learn about YOU, while I am cooking.