Los Angeles, CA


Driven by his love for food and creativity, Chef Miranda works day in and day out on his culinary craft. After graduating from culinary school, Chef Miranda went to work at the world famous Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach. It was at the award-winning Sir Winston’s Restaurant & Lounge that the foundation to his exquisite and fastidious culinary technique began to take shape. Chef Miranda quickly began to learn that there are no limits to setting ones’ self apart from others in the culinary world.

Chef Miranda is known for his exceptionally high standards, his imaginative presentations, and the palatable flavors of his dishes. He has transformed the menus for multiple restaurants, bringing them to competitive standards. His unique menu gives lunch-hour tasters and food connoisseurs alike a fusion flare of American and Costa Rican style cuisine. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to the Chef’s Mother and Grandmother for sharing family recipes from their motherland.

Raised in Long Beach, California, Chef Miranda was introduced early on to the multitude of flavors of such a diverse city. From delicious Mexican and Central American food to Southeast Asian cuisine, no dish has ever been spared the flavorful love of these different groups of people. Since his early days in the city, Chef Miranda has gone off to become the executive chef at the Double Tree Hotel and most recently at the Four Points LAX. Serving hundreds of clients everyday and managing his staff to provide only the highest quality service, Chef Miranda is now bringing the best of his menu to you.

The Butcher’s Block LA
Farm to table

The Butcher’s Block LA is inspired by Chef Hugo Miranda’s vision for a fine dining experience for everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone should have access to delicious food at a reasonable price.

This vision dates back to the 1980’s with Chef Miranda’s grandfather who was a butcher himself. As a fisherman in small coastal town in Costa Rica, Chef Miranda’s grandfather introduced the family to fresh seafood and unique styles of preparing tasty dishes. This early influence inspired Chef Miranda to connect his vision of farm-to-table to his support for local vendors as an essential component to the process of creating passionate and creative cuisine.

Chef Miranda’s modern New York, Costa Rican, and Asian fusion culinary approach defines the unique style that is brought to The Butcher Block LA. By only using the finest ingredients and seasonal vegetables, and pairing his dishes with hand-selected beverages, Chef Miranda treats BBLA guests to a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience.