Private Friends BBQ

Nob Hill, San Francisco



Banquet (20+ Guests)
A gathering of friends in this holiday season to share food, laughs and life.

Menu detail

Pickled vegetables
Small Plate
A mixture of fresh local vegetables quickly pickled so that they retain their crispness with a sweet and slightly sharp, kind of like a cross between a Italian gardinera and a less sweet bread and butter pickle, a great palate teaser.
Pimento cheese and crackers
Small Plate
A classic Southern welcoming cheese spread made with cheddar cheese seasonings and spices, mild pimentos presented with crackers to hold this zippy and addictive American treat.
sous vide pork ribs
St Louis style ribs are rubbed for 24 hours in a house made spice blend, then cooked sous vide style for 20 hours ensuring tenderness to the bone, and finished in the oven crisping up the edges, and lightly glazed with a spiced honey.
Smoked chicken
These chickens are first brined for 24 hours, then rubbed for 24 hours then smoked for 6-9 hours over a mixture of fruit wood chips with a hint of hickory in the background.
Braised collard greens
Small Plate
Cooked long and slow, collard greens with some bacon, a touch of onion, and some hot pepper vinegar to add in at your own discretion to amp up the flavor, like true southerners do.
baked macaroni and cheese
A classic American dish of elbow macaroni baked with two cheeses until crispy on top and cheesey goey inside
Pineapple upside down cake with browned sour cream schmear
Rich and decadent is the way to describe this yellow cake with pineapple, maraschino cherries and a rich caramel/butter sauce baked in.
Nanner pudding
Something from your childhood bbq's, a rich "vanilla pudding" layered with vanilla wafers sliced bananas and whipped cream for you to top it off with.


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Private Friends BBQ

San Francisco, California

(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)