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Isabella MouraNEW MAKER!

San Francisco, CA


I am part of a family with a long tradition in cooking. My family has been a source of inspiration on the importance that food has in bringing people together. Besides, I was always fascinated by the alchemy of food and how simple ingredients can become wonderful dining experiences.

However, culinary career was not my first choice. I practiced law for five years before fully dedicate myself to the cuisine. I studied in one of the top culinary schools in Brazil. After that, I worked on Sapore D'Italia where I gained experience with the regional Italian cuisine (Italia cucina Regionale). Then I went to work for Bello Comidaria, a restaurant with contemporary Brazilian recipes. In parallel, I opened my own catering business focused on the manufacturing and distribution of my own line of chocolates, easter eggs, cakes and pastries for parties and events.

All those experiences helped me define my cooking style. I love mixing contemporary flavors with traditional recipes.