Cook Italian "Handmade Flour + Water Pasta Workshop" - Online Cooking Class

LivestreamMill Valley, CA


Learn to make handmade flour + water pasta shapes with Italian Chef Deborah Dal Fovo! Join Chef Deborah Dal Fovo for her "Flour + Water Pasta Workshop", an online cooking class from her kitchen to yours! During this live-streaming interactive pasta workshop, Chef Deborah will teach you how to measure, mix, and knead flour + water pasta dough then how to create a myriad of traditional shapes using only your hands - no rolling machine needed! This pasta is typical of Southern Italy and Sardinia and can be made with either semolina flour or all-purpose flour. Some of the shapes learned in class will be cavatelli, busiate/fusilli al ferro, orecchiette, trofie, capunti. Deborah will also teach you a quick sauce to dress your finished pasta so, once class has ended, lunch or dinner is served! You’ll receive an ingredient list to cook along with Chef Deborah or just watch and make the pasta later using her recipe . Class cost includes lesson, recipe, and link to video of the class afterward. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn delicious Italian dishes for your home cooking repertoire. Classes take place on Zoom and link is provided once you register. Cook Italian with Chef Deborah Dal Fovo!