Cook Italian! "Roman Artichokes x 2" - Online Cooking Class

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Learn to make authentic Roman artichoke dishes with Italian Chef Deborah Dal Fovo! Join Chef Deborah Dal Fovo in a celebration of Roman artichokes. Springtime in Rome is a glorious time when artichokes are elevated to celebrity status on Roman tables. During this special class, she will teach you to make two iconic Roman artichokes dishes that will transport you instantly to the eternal city. - Roman Style Artichokes {Carciofi alla Romana} - an ancient dish that whittles globe artichokes to beautiful rose-like silouettes then braises them with garlic and mint and serves them upside down with stems pointing to the sky for show-stopping presentation and irresistible flavor. - Roman-Jewish Fried Artichokes {Carciofi alla Giudia} - trimmed globe artichokes are twice-fried to become sunflower-like figures with splayed leaves that are crispy outside and tender inside. A true Roman Jewish dish to savor! During this livestream class, Chef Deborah will show you how to properly trim artichokes and prepare them in these two revered, yet totally different traditional dishes. You’ll receive an ingredient list to cook along with Chef Deborah or just watch and make the artichokes later using her recipes and the video recording of the class. Class cost includes lesson, recipe, and link to video of the class. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn delicious Italian dishes for your home cooking repertoire. Classes take place on Zoom and link is provided once you register. Cook Italian with Chef Deborah Dal Fovo!


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