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Los Angeles, CA


Jamie Lauren’s interest in the culinary arts started at a relatively young age, when she spent evenings in the kitchen cooking with her parents, although at the time she had no intention of becoming a chef. From these humble beginnings mixing meatloaf and frying chicken cutlets in Manhattan, she rose to become one of San Francisco Chronicle’s “Rising-Star Chefs” in 2005.

As an honors graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Lauren has had the opportunity to work with many celebrity chefs in the past, including: Anita Lo of Annisa, New York City; Lance Dean Velasquez of Bendean in Berkeley; and Jean-Michel Bouvier, from L’Essential, Chambéry, France. She credits all these chefs for teaching her how to meld exotic flavors and ingredients.

Growing up in New York City, Lauren’s affinity for bright and flavorful cuisine originated with family dinners at some of Manhattan’s best neighborhood restaurants.

Lauren has received both local and national praise including being named Restaurant Hospitality’s “Rising Star Chef 2008” and selected as the sole Bay Area 'Cheftestant' on season 5 of Bravo's award-winning show Top Chef; which aired in 2009.

Lauren has since expanded into culinary production, working on such notable shows as 'The Taste', 'Masterchef', 'Top Chef', 'Top Chef Duels' and 'Man vs. Child' and has appeared as a judge on 'Pressure Cooker', and has consulted on the opening menus of several new restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her partner Becky and their two dogs, Hank and Frida.