Five Flavors of Asia

Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
other, asian
Fire-Bitter Water-Salty Wood-Sour Metal-Pungent Earth-Sweet I have crafted each course of this menu to reflect the Five Flavors of Asia. Although the dishes are not strictly traditional Asian, I'm certain my approach will be exciting and give you insight into the five elements that make up the Five Flavors of Asia.

Menu detail

Wood: Sake Cocktail
Sake, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, and Honey with a touch of effervescence.
Metal: Ginger Shrimp Summer Rolls
Small Plate
Grilled Ginger Shrimp, Spicy Peanut Sauce, and Kumquat Marmalade.
Fire: Grilled Gem Lettuces with Cherry Bombs
Small Plate
Grilled Gem Lettuces, Sweet Corn Dressing, Spicy Pickled Cherry Tomatoes and Crunchy Panko Breadcrumbs.
Water: Yuzu Fried Cornish Hen
Marinated and Fried Yuzu Cornish Hen, Fried Herbs, Garlic, Chinese Long Bean, Pickled Red Grapes, and Toasted Almonds.
Earth: Ginger Black Pepper Creme Brulee
Sweet Creamy Custard, topped with Crunchy Candied Bacon.

Five Flavors of Asia

Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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