Fall Samba, Classic Brazilian Food

Columbia Heights, Washington


Banquet (20+ Guests)
With Fall's chilly weather upon us, it's time to add beans and sausage to that heat and put a classic dish to the test. Feijoada Completa is a must have, a classic Brazilian dish, and we are here to share our ma's classic recipe with you. Come and enjoy some Samba music and soak in the warmth and nourishing flavors or Brazil.

Menu detail

Empadinhas de queijo
This variation on a cheese appetizer will make your mouth water. It's a perfect introduction to the meal and can also be eaten with the meal, with wine or if you are hanging out next to the plate of them. A simple flour and butter crust with queijo mineiro as the base for the filling.
Feijoada Completa
This traditional dish of black beans with mixed meats and sausages, white rice, farofa (prepared manioc flour), couve a mineira (traditionally prepared collard greens) and orange sections, is so traditionally Brazilian, you'll be speaking Portuguese before the end of the meal! Simmered slow and low for hours, the stew is filled with the flavors of the various cuts of meat. The savory flavors are off-set by the orange and bitter greens, and the light crunch of the farofa adds that textural finishing touch to the top. Traditionally served over white rice, this is a prime example of a peasant dish that is now enjoyed world wide by every class of people. Practice your soccer chants and be ready to praise this dish in song!
Tropical desserts
No meal is complete without a dessert and this one draws directly from the Amazon's life force itself. A fluffy and simple white cake with guava filling as well as another sweet to set your soul at ease and prepare you for dancing and cheering worthy of our World Cup Host country's inspiration.

Fall Samba, Classic Brazilian Food

Columbia Heights, Washington
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