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Jasmine KatatikarnNEW MAKER!

New York, NY, USA


By day, I work as an artist on 3D animated feature films but during nights & weekends it's all about food.

I can spend endless amounts of time hearing, reading, looking, cooking and eating food. I feel like food is more than something that is a necessity in life, it's a way to make life better and also learn about other cultures. Through food, you can learn so much about someone else. Food is such an inspiring form of art that can be accessible and appreciated by just about anyone.

I grew up surrounded by my family's home cooked thai meals, before there was a thai restaurant on every corner. I've been cooking ever since I was young and have only begun to unleash the possibilities. I want to not only create dishes that are delicious but good for your health as well. Everyday is a new day to experiment and try something different. Come and experiment with me!