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Jasmine ShethNEW MAKER!

New York, NY, USA


I believe that we first eat with our eyes, which is why I have more pictures of food on my camera then I do people! My philosophy is that food should look great: sophisticated and chic, rustic or classic, depending on your mood. However, everyone should add a little flair to their flavor palate, so I love taking classic favorites and adding a dash of creativity.

My primary emphasis is on 'rustic' homestyle cooking with a creative twist. I primarily use fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients with most of my herbs coming from my own supply...urban gardening at its best!

My favorite meal of the day? BRUNCH! Although when I'm not working on my latest variation of Asian turkey-meatball sliders, I'm also an aspiring pastry-chef and am currently having a love affair with caramelized banana cake with velveteen neufchâtel frosting.

I stumbled upon my passion for the culinary arts when I was in grade school because I just couldn't eat ONE more packet of Ramen noodles for lunch. Since then, I've been reading, writing, blogging, and creating new and exciting ways to serve classic dishes.

I have taught several classes on making homemade ricotta cheese and curries; catered dessert for a fundraising event for over 250 people; created treats and desserts for over 100 people in a local homeless shelter; and I am the co-founder and author of blog: The Gourmet Pantry and will soon be published.