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Los Angeles, CA


Jeffrey Chean is the “Chief Coffee Guy”, Principal, and one of the founders of Groundwork Coffee Co., a certified organic coffee roasting company with roasteries and retail cafes in both Los Angeles, California, and Portland, OR. Jeff oversees the sourcing, purchasing, and roasting of 1,000,000+ pounds of green coffee. His main passions revolve around forging partnerships with coffee growers and developing programs that focus on improving the lives of coffee communities while increasing the supply chain of high-quality, certified-organic specialty coffee. Jeff is a natural story-teller and, despite his penchant for writing about himself in the third person, wants to drive home the connection between the food and drink that people consume with the stories, lives and struggles of those communities who make their doing so possible. Among the first people certified as a Q Grader, Jeff is a subject matter expert on Sensory and Coffee Roasting, an active Judge with the Cup of Excellence, and a fun guy to travel around with in the Coffee Lands. Really.