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Jenn Gardner(7)
Washington, DC


I'm a DC native who loves to cook , bake and eat, though it wasn't always that way. I spent most of my childhood as an extremely picky eater, refusing to eat a lot of foods because they 'looked funny' and opting for PB&J whenever it was available. I spent my teenage years eating a lot of cereal and fast food, and got through college on Easy Mac and frozen hamburgers from Costco, and more cereal. Post-college, I started cooking a little and could make the basics- scrambled eggs and bacon, spaghetti, pita bread pizzas. I learned a little more when I moved in with a roommate who was completely enamored with Rachel Ray, but the real turning point for me and food came when I watched Food Inc. That documentary caused me to examine my diet and to think about how the foods I chose to consume affected my health, other people, animals and the environment. I went from flexitarian to pescatarian to vegetarian to vegan in the course of about a year and a half. With my changing diet came a new-found love for cooking and baking. I obsessively read food blogs, bought more cookbooks than I had shelf space for, and found myself wandering the aisles of grocery stores 3-5 days a week. Needless to say, my Easy Mac days are over, and I now pride myself on cooking everything from scratch using whole, fresh ingredients, even if they look funny, i.e. Romanesco cauliflower. I love throwing dinner parties for my friends, and am excited to share my passion for cooking and baking delicious vegan food with others via feastly! Outside of the kitchen, I maintain an active lifestyle and love to hike and run, dance, and do yoga. I also like to travel, jam on my ukulele while my roommate freestyle raps, and watch movies.