Everybody loves Donuts! an interactive livestream cooking class with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog

LivestreamMiami, FL


brunch, desserts/bakeries
Donuts! Get ya Donuts! Hot n Fresh In this hour packed fry fest we tackle that sweet sweet dough that seems out of reach for most home cooks. Fret not, with our handy dandy recipe you too can be a donut expert. Glazed, sprinkles, powdered, sugar coated, old fashioned, and all sorts of flavors. - yeasted vs cake - breakdown of the dough - good fry technique and tips - to glaze or not to glaze - variations - toppings With step by step instructions, in depth science behind the whys, Q&A periods, and detailed recipes you are sure to succeed in your next kitchen endeavor. Bonus, you get to feel like you are hanging with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog in the kitchen! From his various appearances on Food Network to his eponymous show streaming on Hulu, Jeremiah knows a thing or three about entertaining. See ya streaming!

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donuts made from scratch that are sure to delight! Dunk em or don't. Glazed or powdered. This is the only recipe you will ever need to keep it hot n fresh.