Leftover Chinese Food Cook along Livestream with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog

LivestreamMiami, FL


Turn those leftovers into a magical meal! Whether it's greasy fried rice, uninspired sweet and sour, or that perplexing steamed white rice in a carton, Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog is here to show you what to do with your leftover Chinese food order. By applying some good technique, a few ingredients, and some love you will be adding on to your typical take out. Finally, cook along as Jb shows you LIVE what to do and how to utilize these leftovers. With step by step instructions, in depth science behind the whys, Q&A periods, and detailed recipes you are sure to succeed in your next kitchen endeavor. Bonus, you get to feel like you are hanging with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog in the kitchen! From his various appearances on Food Network to his eponymous show streaming on Hulu, Jeremiah knows a thing or three about entertaining. See ya streaming!

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Fried Rice
How to turn leftover Chinese food into delicious fried rice!