The Taco Forum: an interactive livestream cooking class with Jeremiah Bullfrog

LivestreamMiami, FL


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Get your tacos + tequila on! It's not even on a Tuesday, yet Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog is going to give you the rundown on all things tacos. We will start with legit masa to make tortillas, run down a few classic fillings, authentic garnish game, and some salsa segways! Rumor has it a vegan taco will get the Livestream treatment. Our classes are equal parts entertaining and educational, but not necessarily all cook alongs. We encourage you to watch each episode engaged, ask questions, comment, and join in the conversation. You have access to the stream and recipes to re-watch at your convenience. With step by step instructions, in depth science behind the whys, Q&A periods, and detailed recipes you are sure to succeed in your next kitchen endeavor. Bonus, you get to feel like you are hanging with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog in the kitchen! From his various appearances on Food Network to his eponymous show streaming on Hulu, Jeremiah knows a thing or three about entertaining.

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We are going to run through tacos from top to bottom. How to make tortillas using masa, authentic garnish, salsa, and filling options.


Blue Corn Masa to make homemade tortillas or chips