Malaysian Fried Chicken and Coconut Rice: Nasi Lemak- Livestream w/ Chef Jeremy Taisey

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Backstory... One sunny morning, as the tropical breeze of Kuala Lumpur blew through the palm trees of our hotel, there I was looking at the typical tourist breakfast menu.; eggs, bacon, sausage, and beans. I thought to myself, I didn't fly thousands of miles to eat this! Having expressed this to my server, he excitedly said that he would bring me a traditional Malaysian breakfast; Nasi Lemak. On the surface, it doesn't look like much, and there-in lies the beauty of this dish. Where it lacks in presentation it more than makes up for in flavor! The preparations of fried chicken, spicy sambal and coconut rice are complex and time-consuming, resulting in a cacophony of flavors. The joy of eating this dish comes from the array of different "perfect bites". First taste each component individually, then with the rice, and finally all together in one perfect, harmonious bite! This has become one of my favorite foods - not to mention my go-to fried chicken recipe, so I am thrilled to have you join me as I show you how to replicate this amazing Malaysian dish at home. --- You will receive recipes and shopping list as reference prior to the livestream class.

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Nasi Lemak
Steamed coconut - pandan rice served with Malaysian shrimp paste fried chicken, soft boiled egg, toasted peanuts, homemade sambal (Malaysian chili paste), cucumber, and tomato on a banana leaf.