Turkey breast roulade stuffed with confit turkey legs; and side dishes too! - Livestream with Chef Jeremy Taisey

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This year many of us will be hosting smaller Thanksgiving dinners where it may not make sense to roast a whole turkey. This is the perfect opportunity to impress your loved ones with a more technical and fancy turkey dinner that still retains the warm and cozy feeling of a traditional dinner - without the chaos. Take it slow, pour a glass of wine, and revel in the technique and beauty of the final dish. In this class, I will walk you through my signature thanksgiving dinner which has been featured on my menu for the past five years. The best part of this turkey is that most of the work can be done overnight! Together we will be reimagining multiple dishes onto a single plate. I will guide you through my confit turkey leg, turkey breast roulade, cranberry preserves, roasted carrots, squash puree, toasted marshmallow cream, forest mushroom bread pudding, and pancetta maple sauce.

Menu detail

Turkey Breast Roulade- Filled with Leg Confit and Herbs.
This is my signature Thanksgiving Roast Turkey. This dish fixes all the problems that arise from a traditionally roasted bird. I have submerged the dark meat in rendered duck fat and herbs then cooked it in a low temp oven for 12 hours. The meat is then pulled and shredded and the fat cooled. The breast is then butterflied open and filled with the flavorful fat and pulled leg meat. The breast is then rolled, trussed, and cooked overnight in a low oven. The next day the skin is crisped and served
Pan - Roasted Baby Carrots
Small Plate
Baby carrots are steam braised with chicken stock and herbs until caramelized in the pan.
Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding
Small Plate
This year, break away from traditional dressing and stuffing, do a bread pudding! This bread pudding is easy to make and full of earthy flavors. These are served individually and feature the best of the season foraged mushrooms, goat cheese, fresh herbs, and caramelized red onions.
"Sweet Potato Casserole"
Small Plate
This is not your traditional sweet potato casserole- though it does have all the essence of one. Roasted yams, sugar, and toasted marshmallows.
Cranberry Conserva
Small Plate
Forget canned cranberry sauce and even the semi-homemade with "real cranberries". This year, I will teach you my recipe for the mother of all cranberry sauces. Fresh cranberries, fresh-squeezed orange juice, orange liquor, cinnamon, and herbs. It is so good, that you will put it on toast!
Maple Pancetta Vinaigrette - aka: "Turkey Gravy"
Small Plate
This is nothing like gravy, but it performs the same function. This is a light vinaigrette that is maple sweet, pancetta smoky, vinegar sour, and mustard earthy. Embellished with loads of fresh herbs this sauce pairs PERFECTLY with the tender and succulent turkey roulade.