Achieve the perfect sear...EVERY TIME!

LivestreamTroy, NY


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How many times have you attempted the perfect sear and flipped your protein in full anticipation of all it's golden glory, only to be disappointed and underwhelmed by the lack of color, caramelization and external crust you were hoping to achieve? Welp, whether its a juicy NY Strip, succulent Sockeye Salmon, or Jumbo Sea Scallop, in this ChefsFeed Experience, Chef Jermaine Wright will be teaching everything you need to know to help you achieve the perfect sear. No more embarrassing dinner parties, forced guest compliments, or awkward facial expressions followed by the infamous "Aww it looks so umm...good." Nothing's worse than a bombed dinner you've prepared from the heart. And because we eat with our eyes first, my job is to help people fall in love with your dish BEFORE their first bite.