Sooo you think you can cut?

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How many times have you been over to a friend's house and had food that looked like it was chopped up by Edward Scissor hands, or worse, like some one's foot? Not only is it unattractive, but its not too "eater-friendly." In other words, you might bite into a minced onion in one bite, and then a large diced onion in another bite, and because they're cut in different sizes, they haven't cooked evenly and/or equally. Unpleasant right? Yea I know! That's why I'm teaching you everything you need to know to start cutting like a pro! In this class we'll review some classical cuts like rondelles, chiffonades, and small/large dices. In addition, we'll review knife safety and proper knife handling skills, including claw grip, pinch grip and handle grip. Long story short, you're going to be mindddd blown at how EASY cooking becomes, once you have the knowledge and the right tools that make prep-work effortless!